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Tile, Filter and One Time Cleanings:

We've all seen it.  Ugly, unsightly scale and scum build up on water line tile around the pool and spa.  It is something that, despite the best efforts, is going to occur over time.  In most cases, if the tile is still secured soundly to the walls, we can restore the long lost glistening to your old tile . . . no need to replace it, unless of course you want to.




Did you know that even with proper back washing as little as 60% of the old D.E. powder is removed from between the cells?  Hint of advice:  When you recharge your filter after back washing - do not put in the "clean filter" recommended amount:  It will over pack your cells and cause a rapid pressure increase.  Instead, add about 2/3rds of the recommended amount after the first back wash and about 1/2 after the second.  Even with these measures the filter is going to require a minimum of one - and possibly two or more (depending on your pool's environment) filter cleanings a year.

If you have a canister/cartridge filter there may be need for cleaning as often as 4 times a year.

We provide full service in cleaning all types of filters.  We also provide full replacement of damaged cells or cartridges along with manifold and valve replacement and repairs.

One-Time Cleaning:

When a pool "goes green" sometimes it can be cleaned up by chemical treatment and filter cleaning.  Other times it requires draining and power-washing the basin.  Whatever the situation Patmos Pool Services specializes in restoring swimming pools and spa waters back into a clean and healthy condition for your enjoyment!


When it comes to swimming pools in the Dallas market Patmos Pool Services is a leader in consistent quality and reliability.  We know you have many companies to choose from and appreciate your taking the time to visit our web page. 

We take every pool seriously.  Our business has grown from referrals and satisfied customers and there is nothing we would enjoy more than adding "you" to the growing group of pool owners who we call our friends.

Give us call at 214-733-6850 or 214-642-2875 and we'll do everything we can to get your business!

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