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Leak Detection:

Water loss can be a serious problem.  Aside from wasting water it can result in deck cracking, tiles popping from the wall, even structural cracking in the pool basin - leading to even greater cost and water loss.  However, not all water loss is due to leaks in circulation or basin issues.  Depending on barometric pressure, humidity, air temperature and wind conditions evaporation rates can vary as much as 300% above normal. 

Regardless of the balance in a checking account no one enjoys spending money needlessly.  While we would love your business we only want it if we can help you solve a problem - SO - before you call anyone make sure your problem is not simply an evaporation occurance by doing this:


1.  Fill a bucket partially full of water and place it on the top step of your pool's entry.
2   Mark the water level on both the inside and the outside of the bucket.

In 48 hours check both water levels.  If the water inside the bucket has dropped an equal amount to the water on the outside of the bucket then your water loss is from evaporation.  If the water has dropped more on the outside of the bucket (the swimming pool water) than that inside the bucket - your pool is losing water and you need to give us a call to locate and repair the leak before further damage and costs occur.

If you are losing water from your underground plumbing, skimmers, main drain or fittings we can determine exactly where it is leaving the line or basin and repair it swiftly and effectively
Hopefully you will never need us - but if  you do, we are a phone call away and remember - while all our estimates are  calculated with a 3% discount for cash, check or money order payment - we accept all major credit cards! 

We are a phone call away:  214-733-6850 or 214-642-2875
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